President: Jensine Paoletti (Email)

Jensine, originally from Seattle, graduated from Washington State University (go Cougs!). She interned with Johnson Space Center twice before starting the Industrial Organizational Psychology program at Rice and is a lifelong space enthusiast. Her research interests include teams, leadership and diversity. Among other things, she is currently doing a collaborative project with the engineering department at Rice. Outside of school, she likes visiting museums and trying new restaurants.

Chief Financial Officer: Brittany Bradford (Email)

Chief Marketing Officer: Denise Reyes (Email)

Chief Technology Officer: Michelle Kim

Michelle graduated from University of California, San Diego with B.A. in Psychology and started her Ph.D program at Rice in 2015. Her research interest involves individual differences, work design, and person-environment fit, particularly in examining how personal characteristics interact with the environment to influence behaviors, and how we can use this information to improve organizational productivity and well-being of its members. Michelle also enjoys walking or riding a bike in the park, outdoor activities, and trying new restaurants.

Graduate Student Association Representative: Amanda Woods (Email)